Our Story

2022 Klemensen Charities Updates

After almost two years of being isolated, the pandemic has triggered serious health and economic crises in the developing world. Millions of households have fallen back into poverty, and the income inequality gap has also widening. 

Unlike many of the social safety nets we enjoy here in the first world, people in these developing countries have to rely solely on themselves for support. We want to be a part of their rebuilding process! 

We raise funds to start service trips in 2023, and half of net profits from campaign sales will go towards our projects. Once we arrive in the country, we'll assess the situation and focus on working with the most critical situations. Our work will focus on providing scholarships for students and resources for women’s owned businesses to restart operations.

Meet the founder!
Immigrated to the USA from Vietnam, Khoa attended high school in Glendale, California. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Marines and was deployed for 12 months in the Horn of Africa. As part of his operations, Khoa engaged in community building; he and his company delivered supplies to villages, interacting with the local school children and provided basic security for the locals.
A year in the Horn of Africa
Going full time as a social entrepreneur.
Upon returning to the States from his deployment, Khoa felt the need to do more for the global community that lead to the creation of Klemensen. Klemensen is a Social Enterprise with a mission to alleviate global poverty. 
We started out with a small project at a children orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico, we now find ourselves working in 12 countries!
We utilize a portion of our revenues to create a perpetual fund to provide scholarships for children living in rural communities and support female-owned businesses in developing countries.
Meet Aon, she's an amazing person and an ambitious young entrepreneur. She's only 21 years old and is currently studying Law at university and has launched a fast-growing business with three locations in Thailand.
This is Mr. Gift, our taxi driver who later became one of our closest friend in the area. He is the one who took us to all the local schools.
Ganesh is a Nepalese refugee who works as a tailor in Thailand. He speaks 8 languages fluently and works really hard to provide for his family in Myranmar. He happens to make some really awesome clothes!
We believe the best way to improve the quality of life for children is through their parents. We seek out opportunities to invest in small, female-owned businesses to help grow their operations.
Statistics show that women are far more likely than men to reinvest incomes they make in their families well-being, whether it be in education, health care or home improvement.
Two thirds of people who are unliterate are women. In the developing world, there are over 500 million women who are not reading proficient. This is a self perpetuating issue because if you don't educate women, you don't educate the next generation.
Most of the existing nonprofits are mired in heavy overhead, competing for the depleted donor pool that has resulted in low wages and unexcited employees, creating minimal impact.
What if charities turned into social enterprises with the focus and tenacity of a blue chip company? Quarterly reports with goals and milestones. Setting bold goals for creating social impact while simultaneously reaching those goals through sustainable development strategies.
Join our journey! We need more social entrepreneurs.