Custom Hand Written Copperplate Calligraphy Letter with Sealing Wax in a Vintage Brown

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Service included: Rate $15 for every (70) word. Wedding Vows, Quotes or Letters are also available.

- (1) Handwritten letter: Copperplate script style or similar to English round hand from the 14th century (*Up to 70 words per order).
- Wax Seal Initial stamp of your choice with a silver highlight (What's available: A-Z, Owl Postal Service, Thank you, Miss You)
- Custom handwritten Mailing Address (From - To, or just recipient's name)

Paper: Southworth 65lb. Ivory Granite Specialty Parchment Paper.

A perfect gift for any occasion: 
Send a page packed with your beautiful prose, handwritten in an equally beautiful copperplate script. This second size of the letter also comes in a parchment or grain paper envelope. It comes with a wax seal and string, both of which come in a variety of colors and styles.