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We are a team of humanitarians advocating for at-risk women and children. We work on projects in Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Mexico, Thailand and more! After over a decade of fundraising for social projects all over the world, our team needed a more sustainable way to sustain and expand our social initiatives. Klemensen became our solution!
A social enterprise that would allow us to utilize our creative abilities and at the same time, funding our social projects and serve the people we love.
At Your purchases will help us with our operation expenses, short term projects and other expansion needs. Use this code KHOA to get 15% off at
About Klemensen Charities
We are an approved 501 (c) 3 public charity - 100% of your donations or monthly sponsorship will go toward our long term projects around the world (scholarships, community building, micro loans for women-owned business, etc...) Please visit to see our work!



We are a team of humanitarians and creators coming together to advocate for at-risk women and children in communities around the world. We are looking for like-minded people to create more impact in the world, if this person is you, please contact us on Instagram! :)