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Wax Seal Stamps

Social Impact Funds

The Power of Humanitarianism

How one organization is making a difference in the fight against global poverty.

After nearly two years of isolation, this devastating epidemic has triggered serious health and economic issues in the developing world. Millions of households have fallen back into poverty; those who once relied on themselves are now forced to turn elsewhere for help. In contrast with many of the safety nets we're accustomed to here in first-world countries (such as education programs and government subsidies), people living in these third-world communities struggle every day just to get by—supporting one another out of necessity because there are no alternatives available.

That's why it's important that we make an effort where we can to do our part too; starting service trips next year (2023) from which 100% of any donations will be going towards projects aimed at helping rebuild communities overseas. Once we've assessed the situation upon arrival, we'll decide what needs fixing first - whether it's providing scholarships or resources needed for women-owned businesses recovering post-pandemic.