2.1 ct Oval White Opal, 10 x 8 mm From Ethiopia

2.1 ct Oval White Opal, 10 x 8 mm From Ethiopia

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Introducing our exquisite 2.1 ct Oval White Opal, measuring 10 x 8 mm, sourced directly from the enchanting lands of Ethiopia.

Background History: For centuries, Ethiopia has been renowned for its rich tapestry of gemstones, and its opals stand out as some of the most captivating treasures of the region. Ethiopian opals, particularly those from the Wollo Province, have garnered global acclaim for their exceptional quality and mesmerizing play-of-color.

Ethiopia's opal story begins in the 1990s when miners stumbled upon opal deposits in the volcanic rock formations of the Wollo Province. These opals, formed through the interaction of water with silica-rich volcanic rock, boast a unique array of colors, ranging from fiery reds and oranges to electric blues and greens. The distinctiveness of Ethiopian opals lies in their honeycomb-like structure, which allows light to refract in myriad directions, creating an enchanting display of colors that dance across the gem's surface.

Product Description: Our 2.1 ct Oval White Opal embodies the ethereal beauty and captivating allure that characterize Ethiopian opals. Crafted by nature over millennia, this opal showcases a mesmerizing play-of-color, with flashes of iridescence that shimmer with every movement. Its oval shape, measuring 10 x 8 mm, exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect centerpiece for any jewelry creation.

Whether you're a seasoned gemstone collector or a connoisseur of exquisite jewelry, this Ethiopian opal is sure to captivate your imagination and elevate your style to new heights. Embrace the timeless allure of Ethiopian opals with this stunning gemstone, and let its natural beauty illuminate your every look.

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