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The wax seal stamp head displayed is included in this listing. Contact us for custom designs or special requests for colored wax. Plus, receive a FREE wax seal stamp when you order a custom wedding ring from us.

The double dragon symbol, also known as the double-headed dragon or double dragon motif, holds significant cultural symbolism in Vietnam and other parts of Asia influenced by Chinese culture. Here's an explanation of its meaning:

  1. Duality and Balance: The double dragon represents the concept of duality and balance in the universe. The two dragon heads symbolize the yin and yang, or the complementary forces of opposites, such as heaven and earth, male and female, or positive and negative.
  2. Power and Authority: Dragons are revered creatures in Asian mythology, symbolizing strength, power, and authority. The double dragon motif amplifies this symbolism, representing ultimate imperial power and authority.
  3. Protection and Guardianship: Dragons were believed to be powerful mythical guardians, and the double dragon motif was often used to decorate entrances, gates, and architectural structures as a symbol of protection from harm and evil spirits.
  4. Fertility and Prosperity: In some interpretations, the double dragon symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and abundance, as dragons were associated with water and rain, which were essential for agricultural abundance.
  5. Unity and Harmony: The double dragon motif can also represent the unity and harmony of two forces or entities, such as the union of a married couple, the harmony between two families, or the unity of a nation or empire.

The double dragon symbol is widely used in Vietnamese art, architecture, and decorative arts, adorning temples, palaces, and other significant buildings, as well as various artifacts and objects. It is considered an auspicious and powerful symbol, representing the country's cultural heritage and beliefs.

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